Think Weezer minus the deep electric guitar and you will receive Look Mexico. While many consider the Florida natives to be a carbon copy of Minus the Bear, they still have their own unique sound. A soft esoteric vibe radiates from their latest album, This is Animal Music. Not only is this album extremely enjoyable and listener friendly, Look Mexico display their strong musical diversity with every track. Their music leaves a warm feeling in your stomach and their track names leave you chuckling to yourself. Take for instance, songs “Dude, You Have a Bazooka”, “You Ever Get Punched in the Face for Talking too Much?” and ” I Like Being a Millionaire. You Will too, Believe me”, all of which are references to Vin Diesel movies.

There is no shortage of musical skill within Look Mexico. Singer Matt Agrella carries most of the tracks with his melodic voice; however at first listen, this group comes across as well skilled and tight musically. Each song is clearly different from the next, making This is Animal Music a very entertaining listen. Perfect for playing at the beach or cheering up a bummed out buddy. Even though most indie pop acts become annoying and draining after a few listens, Look Mexico still keeps the listener entertained. Even  instrumental tracks “Dude, You Have a Bazooka” and “You Ever Get Punched” are standout on this excellent album.

With a series of live shows across the U.S.A. until November, Look Mexico appear to be heading towards success. Hopefully this smooth sounding Florida group will be given a shot in one of the large festivals next year. Judging by their MySpace page and their track names, these boys have a great sense of humor. One would expect their live show to be full of entertainment and high energy, perhaps a flight to Florida is needed.


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