I see fireflies when I hear The Deer Tracks’ dark, sparkling lullaby, “Yes This Is My Broken Shield”. The Deer Tracks hail from Gävle, Sweden (on second thought, I’m not sure you can hail from anywhere but Detroit), and they are the musical equivalent of Valium. You think it’s doing nothing and then suddenly. . . you’re. . . relaxed.

Light, crystalline vocals. Minimal piano. Is this smooth electronica? Clothe me in gossamer and send me on my way floating into the mist! This is, I can tell you, definitely the soundtrack to your favorite make-out daydream. (And the camera is doing that 360 rotate thing. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.)

The Deer Tracks is two adorably indie-looking individuals, Elin Lindfors and David Lehnberg. Their debut album Aurora is in stores now. To hear them tell it:


“Now streaming from this coalition is the tender sadness of the north, coated in its northern lights. Electrifying vibrations meets a gentle forest, where tracks of magic leaves shaped patterns. The castaway’s last hope, a message in a bottle drifting against the stream.”

Oh my god, you are so precious. I need to go watch a Wes Anderson movie now.

No, but seriously folks. “Slow Collision” is a beaut. You’ll live your life in it.

Check Out:
“Yes, This Is My Broken Shield”