Between all the Round Robin touring and the debut of his new 15-piece musical ensemble, Dan Deacon has certainly been a busy man in recent months. But one look at his upcoming itinerary, and it’s safe to say life will likely only get busier for the Baltimore based DJ.

Of course, a large part of this is due to the forthcoming release of his new studio album, Bromst. In a little more than two months, March 23rd to be exact, Deacon will unveil the 12-track effort in all its spooky album cover, player piano/ marimba/glockenspiel/vibraphone-sounding glory. And as we discovered courtesy the recently debut first single off the album, a track entitled “Get Older” (check out below), it sure as hell sounds like Bromst will be one of the more worthwhile releases of New Year.

“Get Older” will also be featured in Deacon’s other forthcoming release, a 12″ single with fellow Wham City electro head Adventure. Due out January 27th on Carpark Records, Split 12″ will feature two tracks from both DJs, two of which, Adventure’s “”Lifeguard” and Deacon’s “Cave Birth” will be exclusive to the release.


Now we just need some North American tour dates and we’ll be good…

Check Out:

Bromst Tracklist:
01. Build Voice
02. Red F
03. Paddling Ghost
04. Snookered
05. Of The Mountains
06. Surprise Stefani
07. Wet Wings
08. Woof Woof
09. Slow With Horns / Run For Your Life
10. Baltihorse
11. Get Older

Split 12″ Tracklist:
01. Get Older
02. Cave Birth
03. Poison Diamonds
04. Lifeguard

Dan Deacon 2009 Tour Dates:
01/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ Danbro Studios Warehouse
02/26 – Sydney, AU @ TBA
02/27 – Sydney, AU @ Summer Tones
02/28 – Melbourne, AU @ Summer Tones
03/05 – Melbourne, AU @ The Tote
03/06 – Brisbane, AU @ Summer Tones
03/07 – Meredith, AU @ Golden Plains Festival
03/08 – Perth, AU @ Perth Festival