After a two week hiatus, the reunion machine is again rolling at full steam, as evident by today’s news relating to the possible return of Pavement. Yes, if you believe the comments made by former guitarist Scott Kannberg in a recent interview with Loud and Quiet, the legendary lo-fiers could soon be coming to a venue near you: “I don’t see why not, you know, it could be a fun thing to do, go and play your favourite songs every night!”

Of course, rumors of a possible Pavement reunion or nothing new. As early as 2006, Kannberg has been discussing the possibility, while more recently, the band’s iconic frontman, Stephen Malkmus, noted “the option [of a reunion] is open.”

If Pavement does indeed return in 2009, which would be the first time the five-piece outfit has perfromed since 1999, it would coincide with the band’s twentieth anniversary. However, as Kannberg went on to point out, negotiations are still very much ongoing and it could be sometime before we actually see some tour dates. “2009 would be our twenty-year anniversary too, so that’d be a good time to do it, but I think that’s too soon, it might have to be pushed back later.”


That being said, Kannberg would not rule out a possible appearance at this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, which will be celebrating an anniversary of its own. “Coachella keep asking our booking agent,” said the guitarist “but our booking agent’s pretty strong, you know, he’s waiting for the right number I think.”

An indie band demanding a number, aka money? Say it ain’t so! Then again, if it means we’ll be getting a live performance of “Shady Lane” sooner rather than later, well, I’m game.