Outside of the Coachella extravaganza, the other big piece of news currently filling the headlines is the supposed return of The Wrens. You know, The Wrens, that New Jersey based four-piece outfit who have captured the minds and teased the hearts of indie lovers everywhere with three stellar studio albums over a nine year span, all while also remaining in relative seclusion by holding your standard 9-5 jobs. Yes, those guys.

As we learned yesterday, The Wrens may be finally ready to deliver long-awaited followup to 2003’s The Meadowlands. Long story short, Charles Bissell and Co. were recently invited to perform a four-song set as part of the a satellite radio program, entitled WorldSpace Sessions at Abbey Road. In the midst of the performance, the band decided to “take a page out of our old playbook.” Per the band’s recap of the events:

“So years upon years ago, we swore to a pointlessly bold dare that if we ever got on the Tonight Show or Letterman, we would have to make up a song on the spot – no rehearsal, no cheating, no pre-air band huddle.


And The Wrens did just that. They made up a song on the spot.

The said song became to be known as “Pulled Fences” and is available now as a digital download via the band’s website. It also turns out that it will be the lead single for what will be the band’s fourth full-length effort. While details remain sketchy, according to a press release sent out by Absolutely Kosher Records, The Wrens will officially began work on the currently untitled effort beginning next Monday, January 19th, with a tentative release date scheduled for late spring.

Got all that? Oh yeah, and a stop at this year’s South by Southwest is in the fold as well.