Life seems to be pretty good for Mandy Moore these days. Not only has she decided to spend the rest of her life with Ryan Adams, but come May 26th, the singer/songwriter will return with her sixth full-length studio album, Amanda Leigh.

While I’m not entirely sure which will prove to be more fun, or more successful – after all, her fiancé does tend to be a bit unpredictable – what does seem to be certain is that the followup to 2007’s Wild Hope will look to offer “a collection of personal reflections and insights about life and love.”  To accomplish this, Amanda Leigh, which was co-written by Mike Viola and recorded in Boston, will evoke a rather eclectic musical style, featuring such odd-ball instruments as the clavinet and wurlitzer. Is this mentality also exhibited in the album title, maybe reflective of some hidden meaning, you ask? Nope, Amanda Leigh is just Moore’s given name.

Then again, considering her current engagement, maybe she should consider adding “Adams” to the end of the title. Just saying…


Moore will tour likely tour in support of the album, though specific dates are still forthcoming. Until then, you’ll able be able to fill your love song quota with her fiancé’s new Valentine’s Day EP.