Together (again) since their second hiatus between ’02 and ’06, the Arizona 80s punk outfit turned 90s alt band Meat Puppets have announced plans to soon return with a brand new studio album entitled, Sewn Together. What else is in store for this bunch will be revealed via an appearance at Stubbs on March 19th, but what is for certain can be the underlying excitement bubbling up. Meat Puppets have around fourteen albums recorded to date, and that is a hefty sum for any band let alone one sticking around in their genre since before grunge became household rhetoric.

Certainly, we all remember Kurt Cobain and Co. wrenching out covers of Meat Puppets standards “Plateau” and “Lake Of Fire” on MTV Unplugged: Nirvana. While that performance became Nirvana’s swan song (Cobain died 138 days afterward), Meat Puppets lives on amidst the Kirkwood siblings and Ted Marcus with the performance helping cement a place amongst Reality Bites-era adolescents. What we may get from them on their second release during the latter half of a new millennium decade is sure to be excellent, considering we have all three original members on board as we did on Rise to Your Knees. Will it be a return to Meat Puppets? Will it be complete with the disturbing vocals of it’s sequel?  Time shall tell, indeed.

One of the original acts from late 80s punk to have embraced 90s alternative and still remain in the musical landscape, Meat Puppets continue recording with no evidence of slowing down any time soon. Could we expect a surprise appearance from this classic group at any festivals this year? I have no clue, but it would certainly sell me just as quickly as a bill holding both Nine Inch Nails and Al Green. Sewn Together is currently scheduled for release on May 12th, so keep your eyes peeled.


Meat Puppets 2009 Tour Dates:
03/19 – Austin, TX @ SXSW