Oh Carl Barât, why must you be so righteous? Why can’t use just give in, like Pete, and accept Reading and Leeds’ offer of £2 million to reunite The Libertines and headline the U.K. festivals? Instead, you tell Pete, your former bandmate turned Babyshambles figurehead, that for any reunion to work, you “have to be friends.” When Pete said, “OK, let’s be friends! Friends who go and make lots of money,” because as he told NME, “I haven’t got any money and I know [Barât]’s skint,” you responded saying something in the capacity that Doherty needs to go to an energy consultant because he’s “surrounded by darkness.”

Why can’t you just be like nearly every other band out there and take the money? After all, it’s not like you have much going for you right now – Dirty Pretty Things are as of now, no more. Plus, while I’m only a few listens in to Pete’s new solo album, Grace/Wasteland, let’s just say it’s probably not something he’ll be able to fall back on if the Babyshambles take a similar route.

Just think about it. You only live once you know.