It literally seems like we’ve been talking about Rancid‘s seventh studio album for years now. Oh, that’s right, we have. The band has been “working” on the followup to 2003’s Indestructible since early 2007, yet despite the talk, tentative release dates, and even a new song, the record has yet to make its way to the new music section.

However, if you believe a recent update posted on the band’s MySpace, that would soon change. Per the California rockers themselves:

2009 is sure to be an exciting year for Rancid. Our good friend and producer Brett Gurewitz has finished mixing our new record set to release around spring of this year. We’ve all been working real hard along side Brett on this record and we are all real proud of how its turning out. We’re putting together some exciting stuff with this record that we can’t wait to share with you all. As it’s release comes nearer we will get you more details on everything we’ve been working on.


There you have it. If the above comments hold true, we’ll have a brand new collection of what hopefully prove to be punk gems on our hands soon rather than later.

Rancid also went on to confirm plans for its much rumored upcoming summer tour with Rise Against. While specific dates are still forthcoming, the two groups will hit the road for a two month North American tour, where Rancid promises to offer sets featuring the best of old and new. “We like to do a little something from every Rancid record giving every night a unique show from the one before,” the band noted.

As always, we’ll post more details as they become available.