Remember way back in November when rumors popped up that Sublime, thee Sublime, was entertaining the idea of a possible reunion? Yeah, well, the madness has failed to cease. In fact, if you believe the latest round of rumors, the Long Beach based outfit could be getting back together as soon as tonight.

Speculation centers around a show scheduled to take place at Reno, Nevada’s Cantina Los Hombres tonight. The bill is said to feature former Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh’s new outfit, Del Mar, along with “special guests,” ones which Gaugh notes on the band’s MySpace are must sees: “Trust us, you will kick yourself in the ass with spiked steel-toe boots if you miss this show.”

If you combine the fact that a Sublime reunion has been rumored for months with the “Del Mar w/ Special Guest-S**Lime” event listing currently appearing on Cantina Los Hompres’ webpage, it certainly appears as if Gaugh could reunite with former bandmate Eric Wilson this evening.


Of course, unless Bradley Nowell is resurrected from the grave, tonight’s performance would be just as much a reunion of the Long Beach Dub Allstars as it would be of Sublime. That being said, when the aforementioned rumors hit the web last November, Guagh and Wilson were said to be searching for a frontman to replace Nowell. Could they have finally found someone? Looks like we’ll find out soon enough…