Twitter is quickly becoming the be-all end-all of music. After all, not only can you get updates about what Sonic Youth is doing in studio and the latest goings-ons here at CoS, but now you can use the website to get tunes, and free ones at that.

Yes, in the latest move of Twitter brilliance, the social media website has launched, a global online music project designed to raise over $20,000 for charity. The basic gist is this: on February 12th, over 200 cities around the world will host these “Twestivals,” where local Twitter communities will get together for an evening of fun and to raise money and awareness for charity: water. Ahead of the night out, will offer music from Imogen Heap, Bloc Party, Mystery Jets, The Rakes, and nearly 150 others as both a stream and free download. Ultimately, Twitter hopes that people will enjoy these sounds enough  to contribute to the above cause.

Now if only we could actually get David Bowie to actually use his Twitter, then we’d be rockin’…