So what if the Oscars didn’t like it; I think most are in agreement that “The Wrestler”, the subdued little number that was first offered as a musical accompaniment for the film of the same title, only to resurface later as a bonus track on Working on a Dream, is still one of the best songs Bruce Springsteen has penned in recent memory. So it only make senses that the acoustically rich, lyrically intense selection has made its way onto Springsteen’s newest music video.

Like most of The Boss’ recent offerings, “The Wrestler” doesn’t evoke much in terms of cinematography. Interlaced amidst scenes from The Wrestler is a rather grungy looking Springsteen, complete with leather jacket, walking around a wrestling ring as he sings about personal struggle – how appropriate, right? Now that I think about it, the video isn’t really that good at all, and by the time you get to the clip of Springsteen wearing a black wife beater, it becomes almost comical. Regardless, the background sounds are still as stellar as ever, and ultimately, save the video from complete failure.

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