Over the last year, Seattle’s Fleet Foxes have been the indie darlings for just about everyone in the music press. In 2008, their EP, Sun Giant, rattled college airwaves and shortly after (a few months, to be exact), their self-titled debut blew everyone’s minds away, and quickly became every beach goer’s newfound friend. With their unique folksy-pop rock songs and their trademark vocal harmonies, it’s no wonder the quintet just keeps on going and going. Now, almost a full year later, the band’s still running strong, and this time they’re back with a music video for “Mykonos”.

From their EP, Sun Giant, “Mykonos” carries a steady tempo and a sparkling sound that almost signals sounds only found along a trek through the wild, wild west on horseback. The accompanying stop-motion video, courtesy of frontman Robin Pecknold’s older brother Sean, is full of wild and fun construction paper cut outs and wacky designs that’s all very artistic and extremely captivating. One might liken the experience to looking through a kaleidoscope, as a cascade of triangles, circles and squares fill the screen, folding in and out of one another, becoming larger, more complex entities. The strangeness of it all befits the song and there’s something charming about the nonsensical format to it–unless, of course, you consider the active life these geometric shapes possess a plot.

As for the band’s other current endeavors, we learned this week that frontman Robin Pecknold will apparently be dabbling his hand in a new solo-project, as evident by a recently discovered MySpace. Under the name White Antelope, Pecknold described the material to Chocolate Bobka as “really spare stuff,” but did not give any indication as to when it may be released.