Hey! It’s Kanye West everyone! Just because we haven’t posted about the Chicago native since the SNL debacle, doesn’t mean we still don’t dig 808s & Heartbreak or love Kanye any less. Just between the whole call-me-Martin Louis the King Jr. thing and dabblings in porno, he hasn’t left us much to work with of late. Perhaps privy of this, Mr. West has finally returned with something worthwhile, this time in the form of a brand new music video.

Ok, so in reality the video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” it’s nothing really more than four minutes of computerized Kanye – something that I could probably do on my Macbook. But hey, if this Nabil Elderkin directed video really depicts the images he “can’t stop having,” I guess it makes sense, and proves Kanye’s got a pretty lame imagination. Either way, at the very least, we get another opportunity to listen to “Welcome to Heartbreak” and for that, the video is worth the time.