Last we heard from Antwan André Patton, more commonly known in music circles as OutKast‘s Big Boi, the 34-year-old Atlanta native was gearing up for a busy 2009, which would consist of both a new Outkast album and his very own solo release. However, since these promises were made back in November, neither Big Boi, nor his counterpart Andre 3000, who has his own solo album planned, have offered much in the way of details about the upcoming releases. Well, that was until now.

Speaking recently with the Las Vegas Sun, Big Boi revealed that his debut solo album, Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty, is still slated to hit record shelves in 2009, likely as soon as this summer: “I’m finished with it right now…”[It’s] coming out in two months, three months at the most. … Juneish, Julyish.” As for what we should expect once said effort is in fact released? Big Boi described the 16-track album as a “funky ride” with a sound that’s “all over the place.” But most importantly? “The whole album is stupid,” he said, an idea which is reflected on the recently leaked single, “Ring Tone”.

Big Boi also went to provide a few more details on Outkast’s yet-to-be-titled seventh studio album. The duo is reportedly still on target to reunite, and as Big Boy notes, “We’re going to try to get all three of them out (this year) … It depends on how fast [Andre 3000] finishes his record.” Oh, Dre! Is it just me has he been delaying every new hip-hop album of late? First Eminem, then 50 Cent, now Outkast? Talk about hoarding!


Ahead of all of this, Big Boi will look to debut Sir Luscious Left Foot later this week at South by Southwest, where he will be headlining a show with K’Naan and Dallas Austin at the  Austin Music Hall on Thursday night.