It feels like we’ve been talking about Eminem‘s upcoming studio album, Relapse, since the summer. Oh, that’s right, we have. Yet despite the “leak” of “I’m Having a Relapse”, the release of “Crack the Bottle”, and a multitude of release dates, Marshal Mathers’ fifth – maybe sixth? – studio album has yet to hit music shelves.

While the reasoning for the delay still remains unclear – Eminem cites a creative burst in to the studio last fall that turned two days of work into six months of recording – it now appears Relapse is finally ready to be unveiled. According to a recent press release from Interscope Records, the acclaim hip-hop star will release his new album on May 19th; it will be headed by the official release of the album’s first single and music video on April 7thh.

But get this. It so turns out that that aforementioned creative burst led Eminem to record also record Relapse‘s companion record/sequel, the aptly titled Relapse 2, and if all goes as planned, it will be released before the end of 2009. So, basically, we went from having no albums in 2009 to potentially two? Who does Eminem think he is? Bono!?!?