With their movie work on Yes, Man now complete, Eels have moved on to other musical ventures, like a brand new studio album. On June 2nd, Mark Oliver Everett, the creative genius behind the California based project, will release Hombre Lobo on Vagrant Records. Consisting of 12 tracks, the album will mark the band’s seventh full-length album and first since 2005’s double LP Blinking Lights and Other Revelations. As for the reasoning behind the title? Well, if you believe Wikipedia – and, don’t we all – “Hombe Lobo” means Spanish for Wolf Man and “may be a reference to [Everett’s] unusually long beard which he originally grew when writing the song Dog Faced Boy.” To add credence to this idea, said beard does appear on the recently revealed album cover…

Hombre Lobo Tracklist:
01. Prizefighter
02. That Look You Give That Guy
03. Lilac Breeze
04. In My Dreams
05. Tremendous Dynamite
06. The Longing
07. Fresh Blood
08. What’s A Fella Gotta Do?
09. My Timing Is Off
10. All The Beautiful Things
11. Beginner’s Luck
12. Ordinary Man