Still bummed over the whole “Write the Night” communication snafu that had people believing they’d be able to pick the setlist for The Flaming Lips headlining appearance at this year’s Pitchfork Music Festival only to learn hours later that this in fact would not be the case? Yeah, sure wasn’t a great way to kickoff the weekend.

However, all is not lost, especially if you believe Secret Sounds, the company promoting the Lips upcoming Australian tour. According to Smarthouse, when Wayne Coyne and Co. head down under this July, they’ll be touring in support of a brand new studio, scheduled for release one month prior. In other words, a new Flaming Lips album will hit record shelves in June.

Now, nothing has been confirmed by the band itself, but the possibility of a June release does have some credence. To begin with, the Lips have been at a  work on a new album since last July and in October, Coyne told the Los Angeles Times that he hoped to finish the effort “relatively quickly, in time for a summer 2009 tour.” What’s more, in its “Spring Music Preview”, Rolling Stone has the “Plastic Ono-era John Lennon mixed with Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis” described LP as scheduled for this summer.


If this is indeed the case and the Lips do shell out the followup to 2006’s At War with the Mystics by June, it does make the whole we’re-want-to-play-our-own-set-at-Pitchfork-thing a bit more understandable. After all, they’ll have a new album to be promoting.

As always, we’ll keep you updated.

The Flaming Lips 2009 Tour Dates:
04/18 – Nashville, TN @ Rites of Spring Festival
04/25 – Scottsdale, AZ @ McDowell Mountain Music Festival
06/12 – Loch Ness, UK @ RockNess Festival
07/05 – Werchter, BE @ Rock Werchter
07/19 – Chicago, IL @ Pitchfork Music Festival
07/28 – Sydney, AU @ Hordern Pavilion
07/29 – Melbourne, AU @ Festival Hall
08/07-09 – Osaka & Tokyo, JP @ Summer Sonic Festival
09/13 – Monticello, NY @ ATP New York