Getting married can either make or break a band, but for Handsome Furs it seems to be making every day a bit more wacky and exciting for the newlyweds. Starting off with some sexy half naked promo pics for Face Control, hubby Dan Boeckner (of Wolf Parade) and wifey Alexei Perry decided they needed to give their current image a bit more zazz. Well, they’ve definitely accomplished that with the inclusion of some intense gut-hungry zombie action in their new music video for “I’m Confused”. Seriously, who doesn’t love senseless killing?

It’s like the old saying “all guts and no glory” and “I’m Confused” is right on the money with this one. When a simple house party is interrupted by an uninvited black bile zombie all havoc breaks loose as the sickness spreads across the room and the lovely Handsome Furs must fight their way out of all this madness. From mangled corpses to some funky fruit punch this epic thrill-ride will make you infinitely happy (and maybe a bit sick) as Perry does her best to get away from her recently turned spouse while wearing the largest pair of earrings ever created!

In the end, the only thing that’ll leave you confused is how the zombies came to be and of course the extremely odd transformation/make-out scene at the end. Talk about weird! At times this video will have you both laughing and feeling disturbed, but it’s totally worth it. Also, look out for the random naked zombie lady and the rather odd throw up sound effect when Boeckner gets infected and remember that this is probably not o.k. to watch at work.