On Monday, San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music Festival will drop its 2009 lineup. Until then, the festival’s Ranger Dave, aka Twitter, be teasing us with “hints” pertaining to this year’s lineup. So, we figured now would be an appropriate to time open things up, take a stab at these hints (see our thoughts in red), and provide you an area to voice your hopes and predictions.

As it stands now, Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews Band, and Beastie Boys look to be this year’s headliners, while The Mars Volta, TV on the Radio, and Midnite are three names currently independently confirmed.

Now, onto the hints…

  • “Ranger Dave’s ears are burning”
  • “Ranger Dave may ask you for a light and leak a juicy lineup on you”
  • “Ranger Dave is doing his AM flexes” = The Morning Benders
  • “Ranger Dave wishes this bird could fly” = The Dodos
  • “Ranger Dave is a well-toned accident”
  • “Ranger Dave is researching planetary wattage at the California Academy of Sciences” = The Mars Volta
  • “Ranger Dave loves his pussycat Delilah”
  • “Although the mustache never moves, Ranger Dave is always dancing on the inside”
  • “Ranger Dave likes it dirty with handcuffs” = Kinky
  • “Ranger Dave loves old Chuck Norris movies” = M.I.A. (Missing in Action)
  • “Ranger Dave has finally awoke from a slumber to sunshine and morning dew” = Why? (Notice the album cover)
  • “Ranger Dave can sometimes be painful and illegitimate” = Heartless Bastards
  • “Ranger Dave misses his St. Croix roots” = Midnite
  • “Ranger Dave is a child of the 70’s” = Cold War Kids
  • “Ranger Dave is daydreaming of Chincoteague”
  • “Despite his name, Ranger Dave is alive and well as a forecaster” = The Dead Weather
  • “Ranger Dave will show you how to march” = Dave Matthews Band?
  • “Ranger Dave needs to clean out his earwax” = Q-Tip/The Roots
  • “Ranger Dave is having beers at the Park Chalet” = The Mermen
  • “Ranger Dave says hold onto your wallets folks, these bandits are gonna steal the show” = Gogol Bordello
  • “Ranger Dave is dodging the tucson tumbleweeds” = Calexico
  • “Ranger Dave has the creeping suspicion that things are not as they seem” = Dave Matthews Band?
  • “Ranger Dave drives an el camino in the west” = Grandady/Jason Lytle
  • “Ranger Dave flies planes with his eyes closed” = Blind Pilot
  • “Ranger Dave says there is no camping in Golden Gate Park”
  • “Ranger Dave’s iphone is charging on his clock radio. Good night” = Apples in Stereo
  • Ranger Dave is drinking blue bottle coffee to start his sunday morning”
  • Ranger Dave is reading the Fremont Argus” = Ween?
  • “Ranger Dave thinks that woolly mammoths have habited the outside lands in the past” = Matsodon
  • “Ranger Dave just twisted his ankle in Speedway Meadow”
  • Ranger Dave is a fan of Robert De Niro”
  • Ranger Dave spent time in the redwoods studying banana slugs”
  • “Ranger Dave is thinking about tire country”
  • “Ranger Dave remembers the Justice League on Divisadero”
  • “Ranger Dave has eliminated all Aedes mosquitos from Stow Lake”

Hat tip to the Coachella Boarders, the Lolla Boarders and Ants Marching