Dwight from The Office (aka Rainn Wilson) recently Tweeted that it was “one of the best days of my life.” That would be the day he faux-crashed a Rivers Cuomo recording session in L.A. and forced his way onto the Weezer frontman’s cover of “One of Us” after insisting that he was “a pretty mean bongoist.”

Confused already? Us, too. What we know for sure: The session was filmed for Wilson’s website, SoulPancake — which, according to a separate vid on the site, exists to “de-lamify talk’n God.” Wilson plays a totally competent and polished bongo, adding a plaintive beat to Cuomo’s sweetly restrained vocals. A second follow-up video shows Wilson onslaughting Cuomo with a litany of questions ranging from “Why is there suffering?” to “What is your favorite metal band?”

What’s still a big mystery to us: Is SoulPancake a straightforwardly honest attempt on Wilson’s behalf to detangle Life’s Big Questions, or is it a piece of subversive, Andy Kaufman-meets-FunnyOrDie.com, performance-art brilliance? How exactly did the “One of Us” cover fit into this past weekend’s “The Alternative Nation Countdown Takeover extreme-mega-extravaganza” that was co-hosted on Sirius Satellite Radio by Cuomo and Jason Schwartzman? How did Cuomo and Wilson first meet, anyway? And fer rills, what if God was one of us? Joan Osbourne never told us.