With all the reunions of the last 12 months, it’s almost unbelievable when news comes of a band doing the exact opposite (ie., breakup, hiatus, etc.) In fact, we’ve become so used to reunions these days, it’s probably safe to say more than a few people are already counting down the days until Stereolab returns.

But for at least the time being, the English sextet is no more. According to a posting by manager Martin Pike on the band’s official website (via Pitchfork), Stereolab will be taking a “Hiatus/Sabbatical/Pause/Intermission/Breather,” noting that all future shows have been canceled and there are no plans to hit the studio.

That being said, new material will be coming; according to Pike, Duophonic Super 45s, the band’s label, will release a brand new full length album, entitled Chemical Chords 2. Pitchfork notes that the album, which of course will serve as the followup to last year’s Chemical Chords, could include 31 tracks taken from recording sessions done around the same time Chemical Chords was being made.


Still, “Hiatus/Sabbatical/Pause/Intermission/Breather” does mean something, or nothing in this case, so don’t expect to hear much else from Stereolap for a while. And while the word “breakup” isn’t specifically used in the note, it doesn’t help the announcement comes just a month before the band was scheduled to hit the Donau Festival. Oh well, time to update the ol’ Wikipedia page