Blink-182 confirms openers, divulges desire to be like Daft Punk

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    With all that green screen nonsense and talk about how there won’t be a new album for quite a while, it’s easy to forget that Blink-182 is going on tour sometime soon – the lack of actual dates probably have something to do with that as well. But the reunion tour is indeed still on tap, one which we recently learned a little more about courtesy of this month’s issue of Rolling Stone (via himynameismark).

    • The band is rehearsing ahead of the tour dates, the first time ever says bassist Mark Hoppus: “We used to walk onstage and forget our parts. We wanted to play fast and look cool. This time, we want to be more artistic.”
    • Speaking of artistic, the trio has apparently hired the same set designer used by Kanye West and Daft Punk to create an “intense light show.”
    • As for the songs that will be played, expect mostly hits with a few new numbers mixed in.

    Still no word on dates, but the rumor is an arena tour in the fall.