Our Lady Peace to Burn on 7th LP

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    Canadian rockers, Our Lady Peace have announced a followup to 2005’s Healty in Paranoid Times. Titled Burn Burn, the seventh studio album is set for a July 21st release, and the first single, “All You Did Was Save My Life”, hits airwaves toward the end of May.

    Instead of the logical studio approach, the band opted to keep things “real.” As a result, the album was recorded in vocalist Raine Maida’s Los Angeles home, where he’ll finish up his production duties. This should surprise many fans, as this move marks a first for the band, especially after four records with Arnold Lanni (Naveed, Clumsy, Happiness, Spiritual Machines) and two with Bob Rock (Gravity, Healthy in Paranoid Times).

    According to Maida, Burn Burn is a throwback to the days of Naveed and will contain mostly hard rock cuts: “We’ve come full circle and the music is just stripped down, full of raw energy. It feels like a proper rock record again.”


    For a sneak peak at some of the studio sessions, artwork, lyrics and many more fan favorites, check out the band’s official site. Stay tuned, however, as the band will be announcing supporting summer tour dates relatively soon.

    Burn Burn Tracklist:
    01. All You Did Was Save My Life
    02. Dreamland
    03. Monkey Brains
    04. Never Get Over You
    05. Escape Artist
    06. Refuge
    07. The Right Stuff
    08. Paper Moon
    09. Signs Of Life
    10. White Flags