The Beach Boys ready another unnecessary compilation of music that has already been packaged in compilations like 13 other times

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    Well, it’s time for that annual Beach Boys release. This time around, the band, or should I say epitome of summer music, especially with their close harmonic vocals and lyrics praising hot cars, surfing, and finally girls, will release 20 its greatest love songs as part of a brand new compilation aptly entitled Summer Love Songs.

    Of course, considering this is the 22nd compilation released by the band in its illustrious 50 year career and third new release in as many years, the Boys had to provide a few incentives rather than just your standard repackaging to entice fans when the effort hits shelves on May 19th, right?

    Well, sort of.  Three of Summer Love Songs‘ tracks will be mixed in stereo for the very first time, and three others will have new stereo mixes, the latter of which were recreated from long lost, but newly-recovered analog multi-track masters. These tracks range from romantic ballads like “God Only Knows”, “Please Let Me Wonder”, and “Don’t Worry Baby” to powerful, playful songs like “California Girls” and “Good To My Heart”.  And there’s that one previously unreleased one single track that will exclusive to this CD. Entitled “Fallin’ In Love”, the song was written and recorded by Dennis Wilson in 1970.


    In summary, seven of the compilation’s 20 tracks offer something new. That’s like 35% new!

    GO. BUY. NOW.

    Oh, and do we really need to mention the fact that the Beach Boys, like always, are touring this summer? Get all dates via

    Summer Love Songs Tracklist:
    01. Don’t Worry, Baby [new stereo mix from newly recovered analog multi-track master]
    02. Why Do Fools Fall In Love [new stereo mix from newly recovered analog multi-track master]
    03. Wouldn’t It Be Nice
    04. God Only Knows
    05. Surfer Girl
    06. California Girls
    07. Please Let Me Wonder
    08. In The Parkin’ Lot
    09. Your Summer Dream
    10. Kiss Me, Baby
    11. Hushabye [new stereo mix]
    12. I’m So Young [new stereo mix]
    13. Good To My Baby [new stereo mix]
    14. Fallin’ In Love [previously unreleased track, written and recorded by Dennis Wilson]
    15. Time To Get Alone [new stereo mix]
    16. Our Sweet Love
    17. Help Me, Rhonda
    18. Keep An Eye On Summer
    19. Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder)
    20. Girls On The Beach