Turns out there will actually be a Daft Punk release in 2009…

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    The blogosphere really likes Daft Punk. So much so, when the legendary electro duo decided to take some time off, the blogosphere got really antsy, doing stuff like completely overblowing news that doesn’t deserve to be overblown yet (Daft Punk is going on tour in 2010!) Fortunately, a few of our fellow contemporaries, including two CoS contributors, plan to ease the restlessness with a “new” Daft Punk release.

    On May 20th, 10 popular and acknowledged music blogs will unveil Remix After All, a 10-track unofficial effort designed to offer U.S. audiences a remix album for Daft Punk’s third album Human After All. – The  idea was born from the sense that the official, but strictly limited remix compilation Human After All: Remixes was only available for Japanese consumers. Each of the 10 participating blogs have chosen one track from the album and producer they think would fit best to remix the song. The final result will be available as a free 320 KB mp3 digital download.

    Remix After All Tracklist:
    01. Human After All —> Chosen by Disco Demons
    02. The Prime Time Of Your Life —> Chosen by Data Sapiens
    03. Robot Rock —> Chosen by The Cold Cut
    04. Steam Machine —> Chosen by Cream Team
    05. Make Love —> Chosen by Sheena Beaston
    06. The Brainwasher —> Chosen by Danger! Danger!
    07. On/Off —> Chosen by The Lemur Blog
    08. Television Rules The Nation —> Chosen by Noise Porn
    09. Technologic —> Chosen by Pretty Much Amazing
    10. Emotion —> Chosen by Binary