Uh oh! Creed plans to come Full Circle

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    It feels like forever and a day since “Higher” became the radio staple that us former nu-metal fans cringed at upon hearing. Now with a 10-week reunion tour in their summer plans, Creed‘s returning member and resident big mouth Scott Stapp dishes out more information on Full Circle, the “long awaited” fourth album that could hit stores as early as August. Thank god, right?

    It can only be presumed that the band wants to rebuild its former success on the foundation that people still care about power ballads with happy or reflective overtones a la “My Sacrifice” (maybe Stapp is still feeling like a messiah after all). For those willing to help them on this crusade, you’re in luck, as Stapp told

    “It’s not a hopeless, complaining record. It’s telling stories, but it’s also rocking out, man. We’re rocking harder now with some of the songs than we ever have. It’s from a different place and a different type of reflection and a different level of maturity, but we’re a rock band, so there’s still that brashness. There’s a confidence and a swagger that I think we only feel collectively. Our music is fresh and still very connected to who we are and the sound we have, but it’s also taken a natural evolution.”


    Yeah man, we are so all over that like a dog chasing a Dark Horse frisbee.

    Creed 2009 Tour Dates
    08/06 – Pittsburgh, PA
    08/08 – Darien Lakes, NY
    08/09 – Hershey, PA
    08/11 – Saratoga Springs, NY
    08/13 – Philadelphia, PA
    08/15 – Wantagh, NY
    08/16 – Holmdel, NJ
    08/18 – Boston, MA
    08/20 – Hartford, CT
    08/21 – Washington, DC
    08/22 – Virginia Beach, VA
    08/25 – Detroit, MI
    08/26 – Cleveland, OH
    08/28 – Cincinnati, OH
    08/29 – Indianapolis, IN
    08/30 – Chicago, IL
    09/01 – Milwaukee, WI
    09/02 – Columbus, OH
    09/04 – Raleigh, NC
    09/05 – Charlotte, NC
    09/11 – Atlanta, GA
    09/12 – Birmingham, AL
    09/15 – Orlando, FL
    09/16 – West Palm Beach, FL
    09/18 – Lafayette, LA
    09/19 – New Orleans, LA
    09/20 – Bossier City, LA
    09/22 – Dallas, TX
    09/24 – San Antonio, TX
    09/25 – Houston, TX
    09/27 – Las Vegas, NV
    09/29 – Glendale, AZ
    09/30 – Irvine, CA
    10/02 – Salt Lake City, UT
    10/03 – Denver, CO
    10/06 – Minneapolis, MN
    10/07 – Omaha, NE
    10/09 – Tulsa, OK
    10/10 – Kansas City, MO
    10/13 – St Louis, MO
    10/14 – Nashville, TN