Boredoms’ Super Roots 10 gets US release this September

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    Super Roots 10 by the Boredoms was released to our Japanese brethren this past January. It was the ninth (they skipped the fourth) installment in the Super Roots series that first started in 1993 and uch like the other EP’s in the series, it was sold out before it hit the streets. Since then, the word has been mum on not only WHEN, but IF we would get a stateside release.

    Luckily for us, the silence has been broken.

    Via indie legend Thrill Jockey, Super Roots 10 will be rereleased in a limited edition double 12” format on September 8. The album production and artwork were produced by the only constant in the Boredoms over the last 20 odd years, Yamantake Eye.

    The band also has some upcoming performances over the next few months. They’ll find themselves playing on a cruise during a solar eclipse, at NY’s Bowery Ballroom (tixs are still available via Ticketmaster), and a Sunday performance at ATP New York. Never short on percussion, the Boredoms will be joined on stage by nine drummers at each of the shows. If there’s anything the Boredoms have mastered over the years, its performance art.


    Super Roots 10 Tracklist:
    01. Super Rooy
    02. Ant 10
    03. Ant 10/Estereo 10 (Remix by Altz)
    04. Ant 10 (Remix by DJ Finger Hat)
    05. Ant 10 (Remix by DJ Lindstrom)
    06. Ant 10/Mineral Dub Break (Remix by Altz)

    Boredoms 2009 Tour Dates:
    07/22 – Pacific Ocean @ Cruise Ship
    09/09 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    09/13 – Monticello, NY @ ATP New York