The Black Heart Procession gears up for #6

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    On October 6th, more than three years after the release of The Spell, The Black Heart Procession will unleash its sixth full-length effort, the aptly entitled Six. Anyone else seeing a trend, here? Temporary Residence Ltd will have the honors of releasing the 13-track album, which is billed as being full of the band’s trademark hauntingly bittersweet chamber pop, an attribute quite evident on the album’s first single, “Rats” (see below). More details are expected soon. Until then, start counting.

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    Six Tracklist:
    01. When You Finish Me
    02. Wasteland
    03. Witching Stone
    04. Rats
    05. Heaven and Hell
    06. Drugs
    07. All My Steps
    08. Forget My Heart
    09. Liars Ink
    10. Suicide
    11. Back To The Underground
    12. Last Chance
    13. Iri Sulu