Times New Viking proves VHS is still cool, readies Born Again Revisited

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    Well, leave it to Times New Viking to up the ante. Just hours after Cheap Trick made headlines with news that it will be release its new album on 8-Track, comes word that the Columbus, Ohio lo-fi rockers get this… delivered the master recordings of their latest studio effort to Matador Records on a Video Home System cassette, aka a VHS tape. I do not lie.

    Unfortunately, come September 22nd when the album called Born Again Revisited will be released for all to hear, the band’s fourth LP won’t be available in the aforementioned format. It will, however, be available as a CD, LP, and digitial download and features a “25% higher fidelity” — all of which is both exciting and terrifying. A preview, in the form of a song titled “No Time No Hope”, can be found below.

    Score one for the VHS!

    Check Out:
    “No Time No Hope”