New Lightning Bolt album to strike in October

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    After nearly four years, Lightning Bolt is due to return on October 13th (or sooner) with a brand new album, titled Earthly Delights on Load Records.

    So, why such the long wait? Well, to put it simply, Earthly Delights proved to be quite the difficult album to record. The group scrapped two previous full lengths before ultimately settling on “electric stimulus” that fills the upcoming effort.

    As the issued press release so elegantly puts it…

    Fidelity and attention to tune-smithery are total, so please, dear listener place your alabaster hand in mine and embark on a musical journey that will take you to places both divine and sublime. This record has the sound of a ten piece band with a much tighter pay scale, matched with the sonics of military cartoons.  This record is truly the sound of the air show ablaze with the joy of a ground-bound fighter powerless to eject.


    The band will preview all this and more with a short American tour, highlighted by an appearance at this year’s F Yeah Fest in Los Angeles, CA on September 5th.

    Earthly Delights Tracklist:
    01. Sound Guardians
    02. Nation of Boar
    03. Colossus
    04. The Sublime Freak
    05. Flooded Chamber
    06. Funny Farm
    07. Rain on Lake I’m Swimming In
    08. S.O.S.
    09. Transmissionary

    Lightning Bolt 2009 Tour Dates:
    08/15 – Providence, RI @ AS220
    08/16 – Amherst, MA @ U Mass Amherst
    08/29 – New Haven, CT @ TBA
    08/30 – Brooklyn, NY @ 979 Broadway Backyard
    08/31 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
    09/05 – Los Angeles, CA  @ F Yeah Fest