Red Collar to release Pilgrim on limited edition vinyl

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    We thought Pilgrim was pretty good for a freshman release. Following up the initial release of that album earlier this year, blue collar rockers Red Collar are set to release the obligatory vinyl version of the record via Loose Charm Records. Keeping with the band’s do-it-yourself roots, all the sleeves of the records did time in a garage waiting to be filled with delectable red vinyl. For those of you who are procrastinators, you should know only 500 will be pressed, and the first 100 are printed with silver ink.

    What’s a bit troubling, however, is that not all 11 tracks from the digital and disc releases will be carried over to vinyl, the reason for the truncation being runtime. Red Collar is promising free digital downloads with vinyl purchase and also to rework the tracklisting of Pilgrim for “more of a Side A/Side B flow.” Phew.

    Along with the vinyl release, the band continues to tour the southeast and is planning on heading out to the Midwest at the end of the month. The band has said it would play for (and enjoy) a crowd of less than ten. You’ve got to love the pluck of a band like that. Regardless, Red Collar continues to build a reputation on sing-a-long choruses, ripe for the picking, coupled with sweat-spilling shows.


    Tour Dates:
    08/14 – Tuscaloosa, AL @ Egan’s
    08/15 – Jackson, MS @ Ole Tavern on George Street
    08/17 – Oxford, MS @ Parrish’s
    08/18 – Little Rock, AR @ The White Water Taven