Well, there goes that Wall of Ice rumor… what a tease

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    Read it and weep (via Dead Air Space):

    These Are My Twisted Words
    So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

    We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished.
    We’re pretty proud of it.

    There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.


    Download the audio here or torrent here.

    What we do know now is that the file is up for free over at the waste store, the mysterious picture that popped up on there last night is one of the many accompanying images, and that we all got royally pwned by Radiohead. If you download the zip file, it expands into a song, the digital credit sheet, and an album cover PDF. That PDF features several images in order, with these directions:

    this is an artwork to accompany the audio file. we suggest you print these images out on tracing paper. use at least 80gsm tracing paper or your printer will eat it as we discovered. you could put them in any order that pleases you.

    I’ll go buy that 80gsm paper right now! God love the obsessives. At least the song was a new one after all the commotion. But hey, isn’t it something for Radiohead to link directly to mininova? One small step for Radiohead, one large step for… oh nevermind.