Two things that can be concluded from the following news: 1.) Biopics are as popular right now as Michael Jackson albums and 2.) Beatlemania is again in full force.

According to Variety (via The Playlist), producer David Permut, who you’ll get to know once his latest film, Youth in Revolt, hits screens later this year, has acquired the rights to a Tony Gittelson script about the life of Beatles manager Brian Epstein.

Yes, you read it right. Hollywood wants to make a film about the man who discovered and managed the legendary band from 1961 through 1967. If you know your rock history, Epstein was so influential he would ultimately be deemed the “Fifth Beatle” before dying of a drug overdose at age 32.


The picture itself is titled A Life in the Day and will reportedly tell the story of Epstein’s early times with the Beatles when he was attempting to score them a record contract. In addition to Permut, Steve Longi and Chris Mangano are on board to serve as co-producers. No word on who is being considered for the on-screen talent.

While we wait, need we remind you there are two more Beatles related films in the works. The John Lennon biopic, Nowhere Boy, is set to debut in London this fall, while Disney is currently attempting to create a 3D version of Yellow Submarine.