With his other venture, Atlas Sound, gearing up for a brand new studio album, Bradford Cox has confirmed the the obvious: Deerhunter is on a hiatus. According to Exlaim, the frontman made the announcement during what turned out to be the band’s final gig (for a while at least) at ATP New York last weekend.

While he didn’t divulge much information, Cox referred to his band members as his “best friends,” so the break can’t be for that long. He also said the reasoning was to “devote time to some other things” (which were guessing means other projects such as Atlas Sound) and that the break would last for “a long time.”

But don’t fret too much. After all, based on history, Deerhunter’s idea of a “hiatus” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Following the release Cryptograms and Fluorescent Grey EP in 2007, Deerhunter took nearly a year off before returning with two new full-lengths, Microcastle and Weird Era Cont.. So, expect new Deerhunter sometime soon.


In the meantime, check out Atlas Sound’s Logos on October 20th.