For most successful bands, all of its member need to be present to truly make the magic happen — Imagine what could have been if Hall left Oates…

But in the case of Empire of the Sun, a vanishing partner is something to be shrugged off.

Per NME, frontman Luke Steele has revealed that bandmate Nick Littlemore hasn’t been in contact for five months. In fact, his other half isn’t even sure where he may be at.

“He disappeared about five months ago and I haven’t really heard from him,” Steele said. “Last I heard he’s in Canada and then he’s in Vegas.”  As to whether he’s still in the  band, Steele responded, “I really don’t know. He’s just left me with the baby.”


But like the trooper he is, Steele is keeping the show rolling. The friend of Jay-Z is currently prepping for the Empire of the Sun’s first live shows, which will take place later this month at Australia’s Parklife music festivals. And while Littlemore will not appear, The Swiss will, as the Adelaide has been tapped to serve as the the backing band.

If all goes well, Steel plans to bring band’s live shows beyond the mother land sometime in 2010.

And if all that wasn’t enough, Steel is also currently finishing up a new album for his other band, The Sleepy Jackson.


So much for there being no “I” in team.