Even though his much-anticipated, long-awaited The Blueprint 3 has yet to be released (well, kind of), Jay-Z is already plotting the followup. “My next album, which I’m working on now — that’s exclusive, no one knows that — is gonna be the album that really … it’s not gonna be a #1 album,” Jay-Z noted in a recent interview with MTV.com. ” That’s where I’m at right now. I wanna make the most experimental album I ever made,” he continued.

Experimental, eh? Then, perhaps Hova’s recent revelation that he hopes to work with a certain high-profile guitarist and possible producer of the next Rolling Stones album is not that far-fetched. “Jack White, he can do it all,” he said to Clash Magazine. “He’s a renaissance man. I like anyone who I’m working with to bring their flavour and their energy to the track, or else why get them? If I bring a person in, they are free to do whatever.”

Given the recent events, you can probably throw Grizzly Bear and MGMT into the equation as well…