It was quite the eventful weekend for some of our favorite artists, and not necessarily because of the music. For one, Jared Swilley of the Black Lips and Nathan Williams of Wavves got into a fight outside a NYC venue over something one of the two, who knows which one!, wrote on the Internet, which ended up resulting in a punch in the face, some hilarious blog postings, lots of homophobic slurs, and a serious rolling of the eyes. Read all about it at the Daily Swarm.

Then, there was Lady Sovereign‘s trip to Australia this past weekend. As Billboard reports, just seven hours after getting off the plane, the singer/songwriter  was charged with assault after spitting in the face of a doorman for the Beat, a popular gay nightclub in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. “Brisbane police need to go catch some real criminals… what a waste,” she wrote on her Twitter. “Spitting in someone’s face is nasty, but how about a guy dressed up as a girl running at you in the toilets and punching you in the head?” Unfortunately (or fortunately), Brisbane police did not agree with her assessment and had her spend the night in jail.

Fun, indeed.