Well, it looks as if you can put at least one of those reunions to rest. In a recent interview with The Daily Mirror, Phil Collins revealed that he recently had an operation to repair dislocated vertebrae in his neck that has left him unable to play drums for foreseeable future and perhaps forever.

“After a successful operation on my neck, my hands still can’t function normally,” explained Collins. “Maybe in a year or so it will change, but for now it is impossible for me to play drums or piano.”

But he added, “I am not in any ‘distressed’ state – stuff happens in life.”


Collins said the injury was a result of poor drumming posture during Genesis’ 2007 World Tour, which caused his vertebrae to crush his spinal cord and effect the usage of his hands.

Speaking of his main outfit, the possibility of a reunion between Collins, Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, and Steve Hackett, aka the band’s historic 1971-1975 lineup, surfaced late last year. However, based on the above, it looks like we can now put that one to rest… at least for now.