This untitled piece is the latest in Rob Zombie news, though not in the least bit surprising of fashions. Beyond his upcoming sequel to last year’s Halloween re-imagining, an inclusion on the Punisher: War Zone OST, and a box set compiling the entirety of White Zombie B-sides and demos, the undead B-film horrorshow that is Rob Zombie only had one remaining option in logical career moves (unless he starts directing music videos – we can only hope).

The question is, should we expect schooled equestrians or questionable ghouls this time around? Zombie, as an artist, has changed considerably since the days of El Sexorcisto, but he always appears to harbor longing (and the appropriate long hair) for returning to roots. According to the man himself, this new release come November 10th could indeed be nostalgia in waiting:

“The release date is November 10th. It’s a great record. It’s probably my favorite record ever, because for the first time since like the last WHITE ZOMBIE record, I made a record with a band. You know, all my solo records have been real solo records, like, you know, there’s pictures of people on the record but they didn’t play on the record. This has been the same four guys now for four years and it’s all of us really, we really were in a room jamming and making something, and more special things come out that way.”


We know it will not be White Zombie, but still — to dream a little dream and wish on Dr. Satan’s hanging tree.