Ryan Adams has confirmed the launch (or relaunch) of his personal imprint Pax Am. The label, which will make its official debut on Friday with the release of the digitial single Lost And Found”/”Go Ahead And Rain”, will be used to support the singer/songwriter’s broadcast website, Foggy TV.

Per Mr. Adams himself:

Thanks for making Pax Am the number one Ryan Adams merch site online. We would hunt anyone else down though.

Did you have a rad summer? Good. If you said no, never worry, Pax Am is here. We are gonna fill your fall and winter up with vinyl, digital singles, and t shirts you don’t need.


Stay tuned for videos, free tracks, and our digi-singles.  Subscribers get first dibs on rare vinyl.

Remember, purchasing the buck 49 singles is a way to keep FOGGY TV on the air, but it is not necessary to view the weekly content.

This is my label and my internet disco dream.

Make it real you jerks.

Worship me.

That we will… after all, Foggy TV has already dished out two videos gems, one for a “Happy Birthday” ballad and the other, as you’ll see below, for a track titled “Rainy Face”.

What’s more, everyone who subscribes to the Foogy mailing list receives a demo of Cardinology‘s “Let Us Down Easy”.

Yay for free music!