JET has hired one hell of a PR firm. In what can be considered a four-punch media campaign, what with an album, a tour, a single, and now a live video performance, fans have little to fret about and lots to enjoy. Recently, the Australian rockers brought all the stomp and swagger in Australia for V Channel, and Consequence of Sound is delighted to debut the performance for “Black Hearts (On Fire)”.

Pulled off its latest album, Shaka Rock, the new song celebrates a homecoming of sorts, as lead singer Nic Cester tells the crowd, it’s good to be home. There are some quieter, more subdued moments, however, especially with that dazzling falsetto working over some restrained guitar work that bursts into a rousing chorus, all punctuated by screaming fans. It’s a simple ditty of a song yet a timeless struggle — the hunter and hunted in a game of conquest — with everything on the line. We’re not just talking about love, either, kids. No, the band also has a career on their mind.

Everyone knows Jet is an explosive mix of good ole fashioned rock and roll, though on stage they bring a sense of eased tension. The straight-from-the-hip rock, the thumping rhythm section, and those searing guitar solos… what else can you do but cut loose? So, with that being said, crank it up and let it rip, Jet is here to satisfy those urges of yours.