On January 8th, Adam Green will take (a short) break from blogging and finally offer the followup to 2008’s Sixes & Sevens when he releases his sixth solo effort, Minor Love.

The effort is described as a more tender affair, promising to showcase a more emotional side from the “often arrogant and emotionally unavailable bully/singer” — those are the press releases words, not mine! Apparently, as the issued press release goes on to explain, this can all be traced to the Green’s “incurable social phobias” and Leonard Cohen, who told the former Moldy Peaches cohort that there is nothing to look forward to… and that “we are all living in a butcher shop.” Damn you, “Hallelujah”!

Musically, Green plays a majority of the instruments, but did enlist the help of his brother Joel and Little Joy’s Rodrigo Amarante.


So, at this point, you probably can’t wait for a preview? Well, we got one for you, in the form of a track titled “What Makes Him Act So Bad”, below. It is also available as a free download via the musician’s website.

Green is currently touring in the U.K. with The Cribs. No word on when he plans to hit the U.S.

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