Album Review (Tricks or Treats Edition): The Marshmallow Ghosts – The Marshmallow Ghosts [EP]


    Graveface Records is the oddest independent label out there, and one of the few with the mission to blow minds. With a name like that, they’re also the perfect label for releasing a Halloween EP. That’s why it’s only fitting that for the spookiest day of the year, they put together a label collective headed by Black Moth Super Rainbow, called it The Marshmallow Ghosts, and released their own self-titled EP. What you get is a two-song soundtrack that plays like those creepy Halloween sound effects tapes were shot into space.

    The Ghosts consist of noisy Black Moth protégés Casket Girls, ambient post rockers The Appleseed Cast, and the only “normal” (whatever that means) band, Dreamend. They all join BMSR for an amalgamation of chilling but festive noise that is exactly what Halloween sounds like, not to mention could serve as the soundtrack to a campy horror flick.

    Everything about this two-song set is perfect for the occasion, from its track names (“Shrieks” and “Creaks”) to the candy and stickers that come with it if you order the orange and black vinyl 7”. The instrumentals are haunting, ominous, and creepy: perfect for a dark room and those looking to be freaked out.


    It’s a trippy record to watch spin (for those that do), with its black and white spiral (side B is orange), but with so many bands thrown into mush, it’s a bit tough to pick out the individuals. What you end up with is a combination of Graveface’s money makers, with highlights from their younger siblings.

    The first track, “Shrieks”, opens with a choose-your-own-adventure style narration involving a haunted house. Winds howl and ominous keys play a dark, sad, Black Moth-styled symphony. It’s the sound of a creepy, cold rainy night, with a little bit of groovy psychedelics for style.

    “Creaks” has a stronger pull to The Appleseed Cast, with their dreamy guitar playing over the sonic squeal of the Casket Girls from behind. Old ghostly voice recordings pop in and out of the lo-fi atmospherics with distant guitars building the song. It’s the soundtrack to an old haunted insane asylum that has trapped the ghost of hipsters past (only The Smiths reuniting will free their souls!).


    The Marshmallow Ghosts is a collectors piece for fans of the strange and macabre. The sadistic moans and groans, screeching synths, and odd recordings are perfect for scaring away the neighborhood kids. The tracks are a heady kaleidoscope of sound for the holiday that fit just like an old bed sheet with eyeholes cut out.

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