CAKE is one of those bands that for the last 15 years has crafted its own highly intelligent and wholly relatable brand of pop, rock and whatever else they dole out to the eager masses. And now the band is back after five years and are more technologically savvy and eco-friendly than ever.

For one, the band was recently deemed to be one of the 10 greenest bands in the world by Billboard. In 2008, the group got together with Borrego Solar and converted its Sacramento recording studio to run completely off solar power. In fact, fans can peep their process at the official site.

“We work in the spirit of cooperation, and when there is something like solar energy above your head, there is a little bit more levity added,” said trumpeter Vince DiFiore.


And if that was a giant step forward for the band, here’s a tactic straight out of 2001. Beginning October 13th, the band is releasing a song via ringtone every six weeks leading up to the spring 2010 release of its sixth studio album. The first ringtone will be “Long Time” and you can sign up here for the e-mail blast. The band responded to the innovative decision with what we hope is their trademark wit.

“We weren’t sure if people were still even listening to albums,” said lead vocalist John McRea. “So we thought we might just release ring tones and car commercial music instead. This allows people who own cell phones a chance to sample our wares long before an album is ever released. That’s what we know people want. Ring tones.”

The as-yet-untitled album will be released on the band’s Upbeat Records.