It’s getting to the point where odd collaborations are becoming as common as reunions, or… puns about Weezer. Case in point this nifty little project Paste is reporting: Following in the footsteps of Yorke + Flea, James Mercer + Danger Mouse, and Weezer + Weezy, indie folkster Devendra Banhart has revealed plans of a collaboration with none other than Wu-Tang’s GZA.

“I played Coachella, and, lo and behold, I looked on the sidelines and there was GZA. I was stunned,” Banhart explained in an interview with Paste. “So we hung out and talked—we talked about atomic energy and how the sun is powered. We talked about dark matter. Then I sent him my catalog. And he said ‘Hey man, will you write some stuff? Let’s write together.'”

At this point, said Banhart, “[GZA] has shared his new writing with me and I’ve sent a couple sketches. With his new work I can tailor the sketches I already had. We’re at the beginning stages.”


And because they’re only at the beginning stages, we don’t have any other details to report on at this time. Fortunately, Banhart has a new album due out soonWhat Will We Be hits stores on October 27th — so you’ll have something to keep you distracted until we do.