If you believe the rumors currently buzzing on the Internet today (no… Kanye isn’t dead!), Google is finally ready to conquer the world of Trent Reznor, vinyl, and Wuggies…

According to Tech Crunch, Google will partner with iLike and LaLa for a brand new music service. Exactly what this music service entails remains unclear, however, rumors pertain to something that will allow users to stream songs directly from Google, via their aforementioned partners, with the opportunity to also purchase the songs for download.

CNET reports that the service may be called “One Box” and would be designed to organize everything a music fan may need when searching online for a favorite artist.


The way One Box will work is that a person who keys in the names U2 or Coldplay, for example, will find a thumbnail photo of the artists, background information, as well as a listing of the music that they can preview, according to the sources.

There are already One Box results for video, financial information, and weather.

An official announce of some sort, which includes LaLa, iLike, and probably Google, is scheduled to take place next Wednesday, October 28th in Hollywood, CA. We’ll update you once this apocalypse actually goes down.