This December, Birmingham’s premier musical curator Capsule will celebrate its 10 birthday. And not surprising, the internationally acclaimed outfit will be celebrating in the only way they know, organizing a month filled with musical delights.

Capsule is behind the acclaimed Supersonic Festival, and has established an international presence at SXSW and Sonar. In line with the band’s tagline, “crafting extraordinary events for adventurous audiences”, the month features performances from musicians including Sun O))), Tuung, and Geoff Barrow of Portishead.

A variety of other events will be taking place to mark the occasion, including film screenings, workshops, exhibitions, and a closer look into Capsule’s past. A condensed version of the listings can be found below, but check the site for the full schedule.


December Listings:
12/01- Monotonix @ Vivid
12/02- Tuung @ Town Hall
12/08- Lightning Bolt @ Vivid
12/10- Sun O))) @ The Asylum
12/16- Beak> (Geoff Barrow- Portishead)
12/19- Modified Toy Soldiers