Looking to join the slew of fellow Indie rockers already plotting activities for next year, New York’s Shy Child has announced plans for the release of its newest album, titled Liquid Love, on March 1, 2010. What’s more, the duo has made one track from the record, “Criss Cross”, available for download via its official website.

Of course, Liquid Love will be the group’s fourth album and its first since 2007’s Noise Won’t Stop. “We like to think we made this album for those who live in the past, who’ve traversed the vast landscape of ideas and feelings enough times so they can deeply trust and be deeply trusted,” explained vocalist Pete Cafarella. of

On the free download, Cafarella’s description was a bit more understandable: “The free track ‘Criss Cross’ is about a major problem we feel with society in that people seem to be embarrassed of their creativity as there’s always someone out there who will shoot you down. You should just get it out there.”


Get it out there they will, beginning March 1st.