We respect the work that Spin Magazine does. We respect the good, hardworking journalism that’s created in-depth features and profiles, which add to the greater lexicon of music criticism. Plus, they’re one of the few that is still around! However, in a move that we find giggle-worthy and that is bound to stir up a storm of annoyed music geeks, the magazine has buried deep into the annals of history and unearthed the truths behind music’s greatest myths.

The list of 16 ranges from the near blasphemous (Myth: Radiohead can do no wrong. Reality: Radiohead kinda blow) to the obvious (Myth: Marilyn Manson Is A Puppy-Killing Nazi. Turns out it’s an image, people). They also manage to raise some interesting questions, however (Myth: Biggie & Tupac Are Hip-Hop’s Pillars. Reality: Biggie and Tupac don’t matter anymore). There’s even a few that finally let the world know the deep, dark truth (Sorry, fans. There was no girl pleasured with a mud shark by Led Zeppelin. It was a red snapper!) Many of the entries and the feature interviews feature well organized insight and meticulous defenses; even if we’re still not that sure about Lady Gaga.

You can read the list here. It’s also featured in the December 2009 issue, with an expanded list of 33 nuggets of wisdom.